42 minutes, 12 tracks: The album „HOTEL SOUND“ is even dubbier, more electronic and richer in transients than its predecessor NIGHT CRUISER. Synthesized click-a-dee-clack percussions and noise loops build spaces for deep analogue...

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The album NIGHT CRUISER is all about cars, cities and nocturnal driving in eleven tracks with a total duration of 45 minutes. Download the album via Bandcamp and name your own price: Please...

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Henk Reisen - Voices EP (2012)


On 2012’s EP „Voices“ HENK REISEN is substantially on the path to pure electronic music. Some more poppy arrangements and sporadic guitar appearances fit well into aesthetics strongly effected by synthesizers and drum...

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Henk Reisen - Changes EP (2011)


The EP „Changes“ (december 2011) is just all about that: change, it’s risks and it’s chances. 27 minutes of pulsating rhythms deal with one of life’s key questions: Where do I go, where...

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Henk Reisen - Jimi's Smoked Pork (2008-2011)


„Jimi’s Smoked Pork“ (september 2011) is a compilation of HENK REISEN’s more groove orientated outfits from the years 2008 through 2011. In terms of musical style it offers straight-forward funk hammers like „Catch...

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Henk Reisen - Roots (2006-2010)

ROOTS (Album)

This album titled „Roots“ (august 2011) is a compilation of the handmade and guitar based music from the salad days of HENK REISEN’s musical youth (2006-2010). Soul, Folk, Beat, Britpop and Rock struggle...

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